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Provincial banks require a range of services: Central Services to increase effectiveness, Capability Building to upgrade skills, Consolidation Skills to capture volume from failing local banks and Capital to meet regulatory requirements as banks grow: the '4Cs'

Providing these services in an integrated offer with an on-the-ground presence enables Bridge to customize its support to each partner bank

This is a significant evolution of existing support models - combining the services of an 'Apex Bank' with investment generates more impact and value capture than pure investment funds or cross-country holding companies
Bridge's services: the '4Cs'

Central Services
  • Training
  • Data and insight in lending
  • Shared operations (I/T, processing, collections, etc.)
  • Innovation engine
  • Planning and strategy setting
  • Credit processes and design
  • Sales force deployment
  • Balance sheet management
  • Management information
  • Relationships and deal support to help banks that wish to sell / merge
  • Equity, supported by debt where required
  • A vehicle to channel investment to smaller banks

How we work

Expertise led
  • Genuine, meaningful experience transforming banks
  • On-the-ground expertise
Provincial Banking focused
  • Full range of banking services: agricultural loans, micro-loans, SME loans, insurance, payment services, deposits
  • Working with rapidly growing but remote institutions
Narrow & Deep
  • Few countries
  • Selected for opportunity
Industry Change Vision
  • Detailed understanding of required industry structural change...agreed with regulator
  • In depth understanding of associated impact on product, channel and credit strategies

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