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By entering a partnership with Provincial Banks at an early stage of their development, investors will ensure the banks benefit from the associated capability building and so will see more rapid investment appreciation when compared to investment in large MFIs or established rural banks

Additionally, by entering a market that is going through a period of transition and rapid growth investors can expect valuation multiples to increase. Filipino Rural Banks are entering a true 'Break-out' phase
Drivers of investor returns

Rapid asset growth Improving ROE Increased valuation multiples
  • 30% CAGR in assets
  • Driven by strong loan growth from expansion into new types of lending and network expansion
  • 75% increase in ROE
  • Improved balance sheet structure
  • Increased asset utilisation
  • Increased sales to existing clients
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved governance and transparency
  • Contacts with international investors
  • Proven record of growth and profit
  • Opportunity for mergers or strategic sale

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